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profileOur Y & A Co., Ltd., founded by Mr. Soe Myint, is incorporated in 1994. Our company is a well-established supplier of MASHIBA brand MS Elevators and Escalators Sdn Bld (TOSHIBA J.V.) that absolutely meet the needs and requirements of our customers. Our Y & A Co., Ltd has built a framework that encompasses all aspect from sales to marketing, installation, adjustment, maintenance and services in order to provide our clients with highest quality of MASHIBA products and services which are supported by the competent and dedicated team of professional and skillful Myanmar Engineers and Technicians. The Luminous VF Series MASHIBA  Brand MS Elevators and Escalators Sdb Bld (TOSHIBA J.V) are built upon a full range of advanced features that can be categorized into three groups.

HUMAN: Oriented features based on philosophy of total safety.

SERVICES: Oriented features for smooth, efficient service.

SAFETY: Oriented features that optimize the system’s interface with the users.

These features work together to ensure the system’s efficiency and reliability, while making it a very friendly elevator or escalator system. Our technical teams take full responsible systematic, preventive maintenance protects the high value of our elevator and escalator systems, and assure the highest level of reliability, safety and a more comfortable ambience for the users. The series line up good variety of ceilings, wall panels, floor tiles and other car-interior components for building car designs that help make passengers feel more secure when riding the elevators and escalators. Our emergency hotline is on call 24 hours per day, 365 days per year round, to provide emergency services whenever the customers needs.Thereby, our company helps the customers to manage the smooth flow of people and goods throughout their buildings. We do our best to create the core value of a comfortable and convenient future from our professional technology and full experience.

Our Y & A Co., Ltd maintains its stable presence in Myanmar by coupling back-up service and continually improving its supplied products. We also welcome & appreciate your honest opinions and guidance as we strive to further enhance your satisfaction with our products and services.



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Thank you very much for visiting our Y & A Co.,Ltd. homepage.

Since the established of Y & A Co., Ltd in 1994, we have installed over 150 projects successfully. Up to now, we have approximately 30 projects under processing.
With the great interest in this framework, we are not fully satisfied with our prior success. We are doing the best for the fulfillment of customers’ needs and requirements, and for the smooth and safety riging lifts.
We are now in the practice of leading approach to secure happy life and enjoyable business atmosphere with high standard of living for all of our dealing mankind.